There are bound to be many mistakes in the first draft of the dissertation that a scholar writes since there are many issues to attend to and several chapters to get in shape. A thorough revision of the document is, thus, indispensable. However, doing a self-revision will also not help much since the writer is quite familiar with the content and is likely to overlook several mistakes. It might also be possible that students are not familiar with the formal style of writing, which is required for a dissertation. In fact, students who have English as the second language often struggle with the grammatical and structural part of the thesis.

For all these reasons, it makes sense to hire dissertation editors who are well versed with your subject and assign them the responsibility of making your dissertation flawless. The best part is that you will not have to waste time in going through the entire document repeatedly without making any improvement in it. Plus, our dissertation editors will also explain you ways in which you can add value to your academic document. Here are the packages that we provide under our dissertation editing services:

  • Substantial Editing

    In this comprehensive plan,  our dissertation editors go through the content to check vocabulary and grammar, as well as the data analysis results. Our editors also ascertain that the format and structure are correct.

  • Copy Editing

    This is the most basic plan, wherein our editors edit the entire content of the dissertation and suggest changes through a customised editing report. Assessment is made for language, accuracy of facts, grammar, spellings and citations.

  • ESL Editing

    Many scholars in UK universities are non-natives with English as the second language. To help them pass the course and get honourable grades, we adopt multiple levels editing, wherein each aspect of the document is examined closely by a team of language and subject matter experts.

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Our Team


There are more than 30 native English writers from Universities like Oxford, Cambridge and London School of Economics, who are well versed with several citation and formatting styles, like Harvard, APA, MLA, ACS and Turabian.




Our editors have worked with leading journal publication houses and have over 50 years of combined experience. Thus, they bring to the table expertise and insight that is highly valuable for scholars.




The team of proof-readers has professionals who have been a part of this field since over 20 years and are aware of the mistakes that students commit. Hence, they are able to identify the same easily and make suitable corrections.



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All our writers are well versed with researching about the topic, developing methodology, conducting data analysis and completing dissertation

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