Writing Tips for a Good Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is one of the essential and toughest task to accomplish to earn a degree.

But, if you have the correct guidance and access to all relevant sources of information, then writing a dissertation will be a piece of cake for you. Here are some the secret for a stress free writing.

Source of information

Collect as much relevant information as you can for writing the dissertation. Visit your college library to refer some of the classic books of your subject and journal publications to know the research work happening in your area of study. Do not forget to search for information on the internet.

Maintain Notes

Whenever you are reading or come across an interesting fact, keep a note of it. Make sure to jot down the name of the books, chapter, author, page number, etc. This information will be very useful toward the end of your dissertation and save you from an offensive crime of plagiarism.

Follow the guidelines

It is very important to know the guideline, format and rule for writing the dissertation beforehand. Follow the format specified by the institute and make sure you inquire about the citation and formatting styles, to save you from last-minute rush.

Write regularly

To write a dissertation you need to work regularly, rather than working in the last week. By accomplishing small tasks like writing sections, working on the outline, collecting references, revisiting the dissertation and many more such tasks every day, you can complete your dissertation without any stress.

Proofread your work

The most important task to maintain the quality of your writing is proofreading. While you are proofreading your dissertation, check the facts, figures and calculations; if you have quoted someone’s work, check for the correctness; and check for any grammatical or linguistic errors.


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