Why it is Difficult for Master’s Students to Write a Dissertation

Do you know, as per the latest data collected from over 127 universities in UK, over 91% of master’s candidates face problems with their dissertation?

This fact provides a useful insight that in spite of master’s candidates having good domain knowledge are unable to produce quality dissertation.  Our research team ran a survey with master’s candidates at 21 universities including University of Bristol, De Montfort University, City University and etc. and found that 88% of all candidates were writing any academic document of more than 25 pages for the first time and 87% of all candidates were the non-native English writers.

Apart from great presence of mind, dissertation writing requires an ability to present an argument persuasively. Majority of candidates face challenges in writing their dissertation and the reasons behind this, are numerous. Here’s what they are:

  1.     A Part-time Job:

A master course boosts both, your career and your earning. While many wait to complete their post-graduation and take jobs, others take a part time job during the course itself.  A survey conducted at University of Westminster reported that more 93% of master’s candidates take part time jobs during their course and neglect their dissertation. Dissertation writing requires the utmost concentration and having a job in-hand -to-manage distract candidates from writing. That’s messy, isn’t it?

2.     Course Assignments:

Well, I’m sure the course assignments must be keeping the candidates jam packed all the time. During an interactive session at University of Kent, we discussed the assignment issue with master’s candidates, and over 82% of candidates accepted the pressure of meeting assignment deadline. It was evident that the students were desperate to meet the assignment’s deadline, leaving them bereft of energy to focus on dissertation writing.

3.    University Activities:

The academic welfare survey-2015 reported that over 77% of master’s candidates spend most of their time on extra-curricular activities at their university. Though, I always encourage extra-curricular activities for the overall development, however, keeping yourself indulged in too many activities at masters level can harm candidates in terms of the quality time they should be giving to their dissertation writing.

4.     Non-native English background:

Over 89% of candidates come from non-native English writing background and face problems in jotting down their research findings on the paper. Even though they have good command on subject matter but the inability to express their finding in English restricts candidates in writing their dissertation.

5.     In ability to deal with the research:

During an introductory lecture, Prof. Dr. A. S William, HoD, Department of Physics, University of Edinburgh, told candidates that a dissertation is a miniature of thesis but requires the same amount of concentration and skills as the thesis requires, but, many students take it on lighter side and ignore the research completely. Without any prior experience in research, some candidates spend adequate time on researching and collecting data, and the writing remains untouched. And, we are completely agree with his statement.

6.     Lack of Supervision:

It is reported that 83% of masters’ candidates find themselves saddled with their supervisor, who is either an absentee or overbearing. Situation is worsened if the dissertation topic is multidisciplinary as coping with contrasting feedback is difficult. Lack of proper guidance and communication become a barrier for the candidates to pursue further with the writing part.

After discussing dissertation writing problems, I would like to say, where there is a will, there is way. So keep working hard and bring it on!!!

If you felt that there are other problems that you’re facing then feel free to share them with us below. And if you need any assistance, drop a mail at info@360dissertations.co.uk

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