Increase your visibility as a PhD Candidate

Do you want to grow your academic footprints?

Writing academic journals and presentation won’t help alone towards your goal of increasing your visibility.

Some smart work is really needed for the scientific world to discover your reach.

The powerful gizmo ‘Internet’ has given a digital revolution to the PhD candidates to interact with other fellow researchers and to be more visible.

You can start small and enhance your online presence to get eyeballs rolling on your work. This will help your name appearing frequently in your research field.

And remember: ‘Doing great research only matters as long as people can notice it’

Let’s see, how can you make a powerful stay in your field:

1)     Use SlideShare to share:

Then, what’s stopping you to use your presentation as a reference work for many other researchers? Once you are done working on your presentation, make them work for you. The best way to use your presentation is to put them to a better service by making them available for everyone via SlideShare.

There must have been times when you were wondering if you could attend a particular presentation? But, no luck? The same can be thought in your case but see, you have made your presentation available for everyone and they are thanking you for your deed.

2)     Blog your way:

A blog is the best way to share your ideas with the community. You can create a blog related to your research and can share your experience on the same.

Creating a blog isn’t a tough row to hoe. Candidates can create different categories describing their different experience and projects. It provides a way to people to discover the details of your research and who knows they are looking for any collaboration?

Blogspot, Blogger and many other platforms provide the candidate to share their views and experience in an easy-peasy way.

3)     Tweet Your Publication:

There are number of ways to use twitter to grow your academic presence. The best way is of course to tweet your research work.

Published a research paper recently?

Okay, tweet the title and description of the paper with the link to the paper on the website of the journal.

Use a hashtag to let people easily search for it. (#stringtheory #physics)

This will definitely help.

4)      Join online research discussion:

There is various research discussion platforms available on the internet such as Research Discussion (, UK Dissertation  (, Discuss your dissertation ( and Research Gate on which you can join your peers.

These discussion sites are like the social network for researchers where other researchers ask questions on specific field of research. You can help your peers by leading them in the right direction. This will help you in expanding your reach in your field.

We hope these tips will help you in getting recognized in your respective field.

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