Importance of research proposal

While preparing a research proposal, you have to exercise caution, and at the same time, be creative. As a fact, a PhD proposal is the showcase of your treasured skills. The potential supervisors, funders, and employers tend to analyze your research proposal to judge the originality as well as creativity of your ideas, the feasibility of research, and skills in critical thinking. Apart from that, a research proposal is also considered as a measure to gauge the author’s expertise in a particular area wherein she or he wishes to conduct research.

Further, it also acts as a revealer of the author’s knowledge about the current literature as well as about the strategies the project discloses to improve it. However, while writing a proposal, it is vital for you to consider it as an initial sketch, not a synopsis of the final creation. When you write in this manner, you really get that scope to write from an author’s perspective, not from a reviewer’s one. Even though the PhD proposal is to be written as an outline, you need to take a persuasive approach so that it becomes easy to grab the attention of the readers. Before you embark on your actual research, the proposal needs approval and support from college or funding committee. Hence, you have to make it impressive and flawless.

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