Importance of a Thesis Topic

Finding this Page LOST? Absurd? Wierd? Haywire?

Ponder over it for a moment, What's Missing?

Didn't get it yet?

 Its a “Topic” !!

Yes, That's what a Topic does! It is commonly said that a topic is necessary, but it is often forgotten Why?

It is the eye that receives anything, before anything else!

And a topic is the first thing the eye sees, in a bunch of pages lying on the table, written, documented, and presented after the stressful 3-5 years of PhD.

See the difference?

A simple image with a Topic lends it its true relevance and delivers its purpose to the viewer/reader at a single glance. Additionally, it ensures that the people with interest in a similar topic, don't miss out on that article/academic work.

In today's world, almost every topic, seems already researched-upon. So, what makes your thesis stand out in the crowd? It would definitely be its unique, fresh, and an all-encompassing Topic!

Don't agree still with a Topic's indispensable importance? We've got another argument.

The single biggest obstacle to completion of a lengthy, tiring, pressurizing Thesis is psychological. It is the mind that first gets tired!

And at such testing times, it is of utmost importance, for the writer or scholar, to keep up his interest and zeal towards his work.

The part of a thesis which a writer, would definitely read the most, in his entire journey of Thesis writing, is probably the First thing of his thesis, which is his thesis TOPIC!

And if this Topic has all the essential requirements, half the job of holding the writer's, readers, supervisor's, or anyone using the academic writing, is done!

For example,

Tourism in Caribbean


“Bon Voyage? Tourism and Development in the Caribbean: The Case of Barbados” by Nicole Whalen

tourism-in-caribbean                                                                           bon-voyage

The second topic gives a much interesting, comprehensive, and encouraging glance to what lies inside the bundle! And, is, therefore, much more likely to be bought or picked up by you, at your next visit to the bookstore/library!

Rather than giving you the same old, repetitive, and impractical tips or guidelines on how to write a topic, like most other blogs and articles, we sought to bring you a set of well-researched, 3 most common mistakes made by scholars while selecting a Topic!

A wrong Topic, would generally-

  • solve the wrong problem
  • have the wrong attributes for the right problem, or
  • make the right concepts too complicated for readers to understand

So, it is a must to devote the appropriate amount of time, and a detailed-research, for this preliminary, yet most decisive part of writing a PhD Thesis.


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