How to Write a grade assignment?

You may know all your facts and concepts, but if you are unable to present it in a coherent way there is no use of your knowledge. Your grades get affected and you lose confidence. Writing an assignment which will fetch you A grade is an art which can be mastered by following some basic principles.


The most important factor that you should keep watch on while writing an assignment, is to maintain continuity of ideas. Break your work into paragraphs and write sub-heading where ever required. Sentences should express simple ideas that flow seamlessly within and between the paragraphs. This will ensure that the reader is able to understand and follow the argument.

Apply concept and theories

When you write your assignment make sure you use critical thinking and apply the theories and concepts to solve the assignment and just provide plain concepts. Read thoroughly about the topic from different sources and then write your assignment.

Include figures and tables

Include diagrams, charts and table in your assignment to make it more informative and precise. The figures and tables should be labeled properly and an appropriate title should be given. This is an effective way of giving information without affecting the word count.


Use impersonal language for academic writing. You should use opinions and evidences from reliable sources to make your argument.


Make sure to include all the sources that you have referred while completing your assignment. If you have used charts, figures or quoted someone else works, be sure to include it in the referencing section of your assignment.

Stick to the word count

It is very important to complete the assignment within the stipulated word count as it showcases your ability to summarize or explain concept within boundaries.

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