Basic Guide for Writing an Academic Dissertation

Any student, who has done their Master’s degree before entering a doctoral degree program, is certainly a hard worker, and an accomplished learner, who values his or her education. This throws light on the fact that many are unable to complete their dissertation on time. For those who already know how to write a dissertation, it may not be so mysterious.

Find your style

You would have read a number of scholarly research articles before you could start writing your dissertation. Select an academic text that has been recommended that you find enjoyable and easy to read. Work out how the arguments have been presented and study the structures of the same before writing your dissertation. Collect good instances of punctuation and vocabulary. Consider how the techniques that have been used by the author to convince the reader of their argument. Try and see whether you can apply them in your own writing.

Acknowledge ideas

Even though your dissertation should contain your original thoughts, it should also have the thoughts of different authors. Your dissertation should evaluate those ideas critically and identify what the problems in those areas that have been discussed are. You could even use the ideas of the other authors and people in order to back up your own ideas. While doing this, make sure you add a clear footnote to indicate from where you have referenced the ideas and this would let your reader know where you are coming from.

Fine tune your bibliography

Make sure you perfect your bibliography by including enough number of articles, books and web links as references. Find out from your tutor as to what is expected. Some should be primary sources such as material that is non-academic, while the others should be secondary sources that are academic articles that analyze what has been written in the primary sources.

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