Are STATA and SPSS Really Necessary for Effective Data Analysis?

Any individual, who works regularly with statistical software packages, would be familiar with STATA and SPSS. These software packages allow the users to analyze highly complicated statistical techniques. However, many people find that these programs are becoming redundant slowly. So, are they really necessary for data analysis?

Perform Complex Statistical Calculations

The whole point behind using these software programs is that they allow you to perform complex statistical calculations, which are not possible with the traditional software programs such as Excel. Not only are they configured to perform difficult statistical calculations, but also to deal with heavy sets of data. They can not only help you save a lot of time, but also a lot of money. You can also perform data analysis, factor analysis, cross tabulation, with your favourite and user friendly SPSS and STATA applications.

Handy Tool

Not only are these software programs helpful to perform financial calculations in the stock markets, but also to perform calculations related to the social sciences. Even a non-researcher would be able to perform statistical calculations with these software programs. You can also perform case selection, data management, the reshaping of files, linear regression, and other complicated calculations using these two software programs.

Creates Graphical Simulation

When you draw graphs with these two software programs, you can visually simulate your audiences. Even though the programs have certain limitations such as the slowing down of calculations due to the collection of data in their virtual memories, many data analysts find that they need to use them quite often. However, since the results of the calculations are complex, the data analysts often find them confusing and they end up preferring the usage of simple software programs such as Excel. If you are proficient in using Excel, then you should not find the need to use these applications.

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