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Pursuing a research work in the universities of UK is by no means easy. There are several challenges and students need professional guidance to get past them. 360 Dissertations UK, a leading dissertation writing company in UK, provides dissertation support services that are specially designed to meet the standards accepted by UK universities. Whether one is doing a masters course or a PhD research, we have services that cover each aspect of the research work and help students avoid poor grades or embarrassing feedbacks. If you are looking for a trusted dissertation writing company which makes you understand the research as well, look no further . Our services have proven to be a boon for non-native students as well who have English as a second language or are unfamiliar with the writing style required in the UK. Being a reliable dissertation support company since 2013, we have assisted 1200+ MSc and MBA candidates till date in completing their dissertation.

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They are well aware of the formatting and writing styles, as well as errors committed by students while writing. Further, we offer a 100% accurate data analysis help using SPSS, STATA, AMOS or SAS. Our team of PhD statisticians handles even the most intimidating statistical research task with ease and helps students understand the procedures.

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We also provide reliable consultation for topic selection and research methodology. These services are offered as collaborative and requires the research candidate to contribute as well. Students can solve all queries promptly and get expert advice on issues like setting up research objectives, drafting of chapters and reviewing the work.

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Students fresh out of graduate schools enter a master’s course with many aspirations. This stage is, in a way, a transitory phase, wherein students are transformed to research scholars. What they achieve in this course forms the basis of their academic or professional life. Hence, we have crafted our dissertation support services to ensure that students are able to maximize their learning. The repertoire of our services includes the following:

Our Testimonial

The challenges I was facing as a non-native student were clearly understood by the writers. They not just helped me get relevant resources, but also helped to frame the dissertation as per the rules mentioned by the college. I have recommended you to my friends

- Shazia Ali

I have received the preliminary approval from a journal publication house and hopefully my research paper will be published this year. Credit goes to the Research Paper writing and editing team for all the support they extended.

- Lauren White

Meet Our Lead Consultant Team

Dr. Rob Collinworth

Dr Rob is a PhD from Brunel University in Strategic Management and has been adjunct faculty with various Universities. He has published 35 articles on strategic management and consumer behaviour. He has played a pivotal role in setting up services of 360 Dissertations UK. He can be contacted directly at


Dr. Nir Toshal

Dr Nir hails from Belgium, however has settled in the UK since 2011. He is a PhD in Corporate Finance from the University of Antwerp in Belgium and has special research interest in researching about Asian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian business environment for policies and credit. He can be reached directly at


Dr. Roma Garcia

Dr Roma is a PhD in Environment Sciences from the Liverpool University and has been a speaker for various government and non-government initiatives of sustainable development. She is a PhD guide with Nottingham University as of now. She can be reached directly at


Dr. Jack Burtons

Dr Jack is a PhD from the University of Strathclyde in computer science engineering. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience and he leads the team of engineering research at 360 Dissertations UK. He has published several papers in IEEE journals on his work related to IoT and Data mining with other research scholars. He can be reached directly at


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