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When writing a research paper, we follow these guidelines:

AbstractThis is the first part of the paper that will be read by the editor and all targeted readers. So the abstract must be succinct, while including all important details about the study. It must inform and engage, creating an interest in the work that follows.

TitleThe Title must have a punch; it must highlight the importance and the goal of the study. It must not be too long or, at the same time, deficient.   

Structure of PaperEvery journal prescribes a certain structure to be followed. While the sequence of chapters is common for most, some journals do differ. We ensure that there is no break in the logical flow.

LanguageThe vocabulary is chosen based on the field in which the study is conducted, target audience for the paper, and the target journals. While some may need a high proportion of jargons and terminology, others may ask for lucid language.

Section HeadersThe headers and sub headers for various sections must clearly demarcate them and state what information is provided therein. They must be in the correct format.

DataAll the information that you are portraying in the paper must be 100% accurate and reliable. Any validity issues present in the paper can lead to rejection.

Visual PresentationThe graphs, tables and images that you include to support the text must be placed properly. They should be of high (print worthy) quality, and the labeling and numbering must be correct.

Citation ErrorsAll sources must be cited correctly. Even a trace of plagiarism will straightaway lead your paper to rejection.

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