Even after your dissertation has been edited, it needs to be proofread in order to attain 100% accuracy. The proofreaders at 360 Dissertations have thorough knowledge of the standards required by the universities in UK and minutely verify the text to eliminate discrepancies. These are the elements that will be checked by our team under our PhD thesis proofreading services:

A set format needs to be followed when you are writing a dissertation, as required by the college. We ensure that there is no deviation from the same, in terms of layout and presentation. Width of margins, font size and style, placing of titles and running header, layout of the index and appendices and numbering of graphs and charts are the points that are examined.
Most UK universities ask for following the Harvard style for citations, though some may prescribe other styles. Our proofreaders are adept in various citation styles and ensure that each resource is cited for in the correct manner.
Proofreading includes the assessment of graphical elements, whether they are incorporated as a part of the dissertation or appended separately. We check whether the graphs, charts and tables have been prepared accurately and have been numbered as per their sequence of appearance in the chapters of your dissertation. The labelling and resolution of images are also checked.

If you have any queries about our PhD thesis proofreading services, you can send them to info@360dissertations.co.uk.


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