Editing is as important as writing, if not more. Putting a document full of mistakes on the table of the reviewers is a blunder that many scholars do; thus losing the opportunity of scoring high grades. 360 Dissertations makes a genuine effort to save students from making such errors by helping them reach accomplished UK thesis editors. There are many factors that our editor assesses and improves under our PhD thesis editing service. Here are some of them:

  • GrammarThe first thing that we check is grammar and syntax. There can be errors in the use of adjectives and adverbs, number agreement, preposition and tenses. Our editors minutely go through the text to identify and remove such errors. The manual check is supported by online tools.
  • StructureThe logical structure of the dissertation is determined by sequence of chapters and various sections therein. We examine the same and add joining paragraphs or sentences where such connectivity is missing.
  • SpellingsThere is no end to spelling and typographical errors in a document as lengthy as a dissertation. One has to be very careful as there are many technical terms with typical spellings. We eliminate such errors as well.
  • LanguageThe vocabulary has to be formal and scholarly. Using casual phrases will be detrimental. We check each word and weigh its worth; and if necessary, make corrections.

Further, our editors also do a plagiarism check to ensure that all matter is original. We can provide you a plagiarism report along with the editing report. Ask for a comprehensive report by contacting us now.


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